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Current release:

Fixes by Dave Warker to make it work on 10.6 (Snow Leopard), thanks!

Previous releases:

Public release. Recent bugfixes from google code integrated. Some shell code added, ported to Cocoa. Options menu added to OS X screensaver window to enable/disable bloom effect, wireframe mode, fog and sky, letterbox and flat. Dual monitor support. Tested on Leopard 10.5.x.

About PixelCity OSX:

When I stumbled upon Shamus pixelcity project on google code I just had to port it. :) Turned out it wasn't all that difficult, so here you have it! Source is included in the distribution.

• There are no art assets. All content is generated at runtime.
• Written in C++ using OpenGL. No fragment or vertex shaders are used.

The original project and code by Shamus Young can be found here.

Demonstration video from the Windows version:

Demonstration video from this OS X version:

This sweet little gem brought to you by eMage.